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Come take an Eco Tour with Central Park NC - with a focus on our mosquito devouring friends!

Specializing in a variety of exciting tours and excursions Uwharrie Tours provides you with an array of options when planning your vacation getaway. From shopping (orlando culinary arts) and sightseeing to kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, golfing and guided wine tours the options are limitless.

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In addition to providing quality tours and transportation, Uwharrie Tours can personalize a trip for groups of six or more to suit your specific needs. Or, you may want to opt for one of our pre-arranged tours...the choice is yours - culinary schools in new york. Whether you are staying at the Bed & Bike Inn, or just visiting for the day, Uwharrie Tours offers comfortable transportation services to and from your destination.

The Uwharrie National Forest accredited courses covers 50,000 plus acres in the North Carolina Piedmont.  The Uwharrie Mountains emerged some 500 million years ago, making them the oldest mountain range in North America. According to some geologists these mountains are remnants of a chain of islands crushed together between the collision of the North American and African continental plates. Others claim the creation came from a chain of ancient volcanoes. Once over 20,000 feet, the Uwharrie Mountains have greatly eroded down to their present height of 1,000 feet…the same erosion that wore down the Appalachian Mountains from their former Rocky Mountain-like heights.

Uwharrie has its roots as an Indian name, meaning "rocky field" and the Uwharrie Mountains have a long history of Indian lore and still contains many artifacts. Visitors may still find Indian relics such as arrowheads, weapons, and pottery. These are the remains of the Uwharrie Indians, who lived in these mountains over 500 years ago.

Come and explore the Uwharries accounting and finance courses and create your own adventure with Uwharrie Tours. You'll be so glad that you did!

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